Bank on your Brains


If you haven’t capitalized on your intellectual property you’re missing the biggest opportunity in business.

it’s all about Intellectual Property IP. We have Idea’s that we think of on a daily base and then we have that light bulb moment knowing, we are on to something! You get excited, scared, confused you’re on a emotional roller coaster. Its not a new trend , its been around ever-since man kind decide to use leafs as clothes. IP its created every day in multiple ways , so why not bank on it?

 What next? You need to write it down as much as you can , then plan it out just like a map. You will get more excited and think of more things but you need to focus on the core purpose of the idea as it will expand , write it out in stages but you don’t want to over think and over load. 

Keep it simple and to the points:

Step one is make a basic business plan.

Must do a SWOT  ( strength , weakness ,opportunity’s and threats)

Step two think about your target market

Step three what kind of ROI ( return on investment)

This is important as every idea has different ROI , some question’s you need to ask is how much will it cost and can you afford the out lay. As is only too common to see this reaction with people and I think it's failure before you start.  When you think you will recoup all your investment in your project in one go. There is risk involved in everything in life even crossing the road. You need to assess all aspect of the life cycle of the idea, if your not only willing put money along side long term commitment with a dash of maybe nights with no sleep  and most important have a make it successful attitude as everything needs struggle and effort! You dream big but also deliver big.

once you know how much funds you need then you repeat the initial steps in greater detail and add financial , marketing  , investors summary and projections. work on it and see , if you can’t do it alone who will jump in? If you can’t put your vision on paper , how will you expect others to see and cease the moment with you.

Keywords are : Any thing easy to use , Meets needs and demands , saves time , increases productivity , helps you connect / commiuncate in a different way from the norm , Are you excited about your creation and how hard are you willing to work? 

Food for the brain!

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